It used to be that birthdays meant partying, trying to survive the Three Wise Men shots my friends would buy me, and hoping the cake would be chocolate. Now, birthdays can make me feel a little reflective. At least lately, they do. I think, because, I understand a little more how much they’re worth. If our bedtime reading is any clue, I’m guessing that tomorrow, my Mimi will be whipping me up a meal full of red food, while Daddy helps as she insists on referring to her little brother as “Ian” a la Olivia. It will be a great day. I haven’t been blogging much lately but thought I would jump back in on my 34th birthday with a list of 34 things (some trivial, some not) I’d like to accomplish before I turn 35. Then, back to blogging, starting with some heartfelt thanks for a Sunshine Award nomination. But, for now, some (actually attainable with two small children) goals.

1. Get my son to sleep through the night
2. Sleep through the night
3. Run a half marathon
4. Get Mimi to like/eat vegetables other than carrots
5. Read The Sound and the Fury (even if it kills me)
6. Try snowboarding
7. Fill in the blanks in the baby books
8. Run one of those muddy, fire breathing obstacle course 5ks
9. Print photos
10. Visit my out of state friends
11. Take an art class
12. Take a sailing lesson
13. Make an apple pie from scratch
14. Make a dent in the NY times best 100 novels list
15. Tour at least three different breweries
16. Make a dent on the top 100 American beers list
17. Try bangs (even if it kills my husband)
18. Volunteer
19. Check out a jam band or two with my reformed hippie husband
20. Go a week without tv, Internet, Facebook etc
21. Take a glass blowing class
22. Learn how to throw a proper punch
23. Go to New York without my children
24. Go to DC with them
25. Roadtrip to somewhere I’ve never been
26. Learn to cook better food like coq au vin, different grains, something new.
27. Drive up Mt. Washington
28. Build a birdhouse
29. Get a bike with a baby seat and ride it everywhere
30. Learn to ride a motorcycle
31. Make a dent reading my kids the top 100 picture books
32. Be a more informed voter
33. Go on a kid-less date with my husband at least once a month
34. Be more patient, kind and attentive, especially to my kids and husband.

That should make a for a busy year I think. What are your birthday goals?
But more importantly, where’s my cake?

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