Motherhood the Second Time Around: A Brief Retrospective


I feel very lucky to be a mom. I feel even luckier to be a mom of two healthy, happy kids. I’m still pretty new at this, Mimi’s only just three, so I haven’t screwed it up too badly yet. But there’s still time. Mother’s day has made me take inventory of all of the things I think I’m doing well and some of the things at which I am a massive failure. One thing that has struck me while thinking of these things is how I am different with each of my children. I’ve heard that a mom will be much more relaxed with her second child and be more apt to let things slide. What I didn’t know is how slippery of a slope that can be!

1st: You dropped your bottle on the floor! Let me get you a freshly sterilized one.
2nd: You dropped your bottle on the floor! Let me lick off the dirt.

1st: Oh look! You got your fourth tooth! Let me write that down. Fourth. Tooth. Tuesday, September 14, 2:37pm. Got it!
2nd: Ouch!! When did you get all those teeth??

1st: I will cook all of your baby food. No jars for you. Only fresh, organic food!
2nd: Finish this creamy corn casserole I got on sale and then let’s see if you can figure out how to suck the food out of this squeezy thing all by yourself.

1st: She’s crying! I’ll go get her! She can just sleep on my chest.
2nd: What? He’s crying? Again? Ok. Well he’s got to stop eventually, right? Let me just finish my wine.

1st: Let’s go take a tubby!
2nd: When did I last bathe you?

1: I want you to know that girls should have more than just pink.
2: I want you to know that pink can be a very masculine color…

1st: She’s crawling! Let me follow you around with my camera.
2nd: He’s crawling! Thank God! Now go get yourself that ball and chase it for a while.

1st: It’s your first birthday! Here’s your first taste of sugar!
2nd: How do five chocolate chip cookies for lunch sound?

1st: She can’t have a lollipop! She’ll choke!
2nd: He can’t have another lollipop. He’s already had two.

1st: No I haven’t put her down today, why do you ask?
2nd: Where on earth did I put him?

1st: I am doing this all wrong
2nd: I think I’m doing this right

1st: I am so lucky
2nd: I am so very very lucky

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